Elder Moon Apothecary  

Artificial Intelligence Live Music Booking App

Our AI ‘Eve’ can do the work of a thousand booking agents at a fraction of the cost with predictable success rates far better than her competitors.” 


—  Eevet Team

Use Artificial Intelligence to align the best live music acts with medium-sized venue owners, for booking, to produce optimal desired results for that venue. 



Before embarking on the research needed, an estimation of the type of person being marketed to was developed.



After a "presumed user" profile was created as a starting point, three actual target users were interviewed to assess what was needed/desired for the proposed product.


A primary, influencer, and secondary persona were created,

based on data from the research conducted.

Journey Maps

A journey map was created for the primary user,  influencer, and secondary user, showing how each would intersect, as well as a map of the primary users' more specific journey. 


Insights & Themes

These 3 themes were most prominent in the interviews.

Site Map, Wireframes, & Prototype

The information gathered on the needs & goals of the client & the user was then organized to produce a site map, wireframes and a prototype. 

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