Artist Statement


My background includes extensive experience in digital painting and classic watercolor, acrylic, and oil painting; graphic design; and multimedia work. 


Some of the commonalities that can be seen in my work are an illustrative style and subject matter that reference an American childhood filled with pop culture, a large family, rural cityscapes and a specific Southern perspective.


I aspire to create works that invoke feelings of nostalgia, lightheartedness, and empathy. I enjoy combining complimentary and contrasting elements to create vibrant, playful and thought provoking visual balance.


Visual narratives often envelop my aesthetic. Storytelling is an important part of my history. As a child I loved reading classic literature, history, fiction, and fantasy novels. Hearing stories told by my grandfather and other family members was the main source of joy and entertainment during family get-togethers. As a visual artist I have the opportunity to continue and expand on that storytelling tradition and I plan to do so indefinitely.  

​© 2020 by Jasmine C. Cole